Friday, June 17, 2011

Baling Wire by John Tustin

Gather up my love
like errant laundry
in your arms
and use an amalgam
of baling wire, paper clips
and bubble gum
to bind it into a tight ball.
Then toss the ball
into the darkest corner
of your heart
if you are not ready
for it.
I will wait for you.
I need to fight some ten-rounders.
I need to get swept overboard.
I need to get sideswiped in the gutter.
I need to find things
and lose things,
As the time passes,
my love may grow to hatred
and then back to love.
But I will wait.
Malnourished, malformed,
I will wait.
When you are ready,
retrieve that ball
of love, bubble gum,
paper clips
and baling wire
from its neglected corner
away from the light.
Unwrap it.
A love will be released
that is
dirty, damp, useless,
For you.

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