Wednesday, January 13, 2010

THE PULPIT MEN by Abel Phiri

This what you utter
is without precedent
but the earnest and devotion of your voice
is without fallacy
This what you speak are hollow pipe dreams
but this what you do
fills it with hope

The truthfulness of your lies
is unquestionable
the wisdom of our foolishness
you harness
Our pleas you plead to address
our tears you cry to wipe
the rhythm of your voice is carnival
to our ears

Immense delusion!

You stole our love
in guise of a saviour
on the pretext of a redeemer
our heads your tarmac to heaven
you ascended
now we chide our trust,
one another

We serve sentences
you serve terms
our dreams are still hollow
but our hopes are to the brim
of your dreams.