Monday, November 19, 2012

From The Dual Chambered Organ by Su Jay

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Solitary Musings
From the Dual Chambered organ
in the prison of my ribs
A Sonnet misbrewed underdone overdone
only “THE GREATS” can say

from the two boiling chambers a volcano awakened
unbridled emotion
with galloping intensity
Writhing with each laborious Heave of breath
Breath Hot on hearing
Each pouring
Each outdoing
Each outviing
in rage
with bulging phlegm of half proverbs

Spilled out
split out
still spilling out to barren wildernesses
of humanity
bereft emotion, feeling
sometimes, sometimes
@ odd intervals
Lava – this spewed out lava
can should MUST
melt these, these taciturn hearts , into