Saturday, December 15, 2012

Against All Odds by Thandeka Gonde

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Break the ice cold silence
Not a woman's heart
Bruise not, oh shameless one
The tenderest of her feelings
She's seen all kinds of weather
Yet she stands tall and dignified
Battered and disgraced,
Tried by the world, the unjust judge
She still stands, unwithered
She crumbles inside
But they still gather in her shadow
Deep into her soul,
The pain has burrowed
And sorrow fills the hollow
In the nurturing soil of her soul
You sowed seeds of bitterness
Exchanged her dreams for emptiness
Yet she lingers on
For they gather in her shadow
The little ones look up to her
When the heat of your temper terrifies them
Know ye not oh shameless one?
Should she wither in the heat
Like the tender flower that she is...
A nation withers away with her???