Friday, February 24, 2012

Waiting For The Rain by Heather Dube

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The fire ball
Blazing in the sky
Her rays piercing
Through my sun dyed skin
Calling the salty streams
To race down my body
Evaporating into dry air.

My feet fully clad
In bronze dust
Like madam's stockings.
My toes biting
Into the familiar path
That led to the water well.

A bucket strategically placed
On my head
I remember very well,
It's all vivid in my memory
Playing back
like the motion picture
At Master's house
On the canvas wall.

You were seated
On that rock.
Starring at me
Like a dish ready to be devoured.
My belly was in knots,
My eyes scattered all over,
I lost my footing,
The bucket fell
Spilling all its contents.

Now that I remember
You left me empty
Like that bucket.
All my love for you
Spilling out
To be swallowed by sand
And evaporate into dry air.
Do you remember?
The first time
You set your eyes on me,
I thought
They would never leave my face
But they left.

Ever since you evaporated
With my love
I've been waiting
For it to rain on me again.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cherished Tears by Raylton Nhau

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I let the tears flow 
Certainly I don’t bother to wipe them off
Cause it’s not them that bother me
Rather the memories that brought about the tears
I cherish every tear as it reminds me of those days
Takes me back to those moments,         
As I count the times I have shared
I count not the emotions but
Each tear I won’t wipe away on my cheek
Maybe I will forget you or how we meet
But the tears I will forever cherish more

That mirror I stand in front of
Not to see myself in it
Rather to see each tear as it flows swiftly
Hoping I can share those moments once again
Or maybe see a reflection of what we shared
I won’t raise my head high
Rather I bow it down with no regret
As I let every tear drop gently
Hoping they would gather
If not on the surface maybe beneath it

I would rather let them flow slowly
Than to hold them back and let the emotions hold me ransom
I would rather not wipe them off
But I will cherish every moment, feeling, emotion
I won’t taste the tears because I know they are bitter
Rather I will cherish them because the memories are sweet
The same honor I had when I let you go
It still is that honor that let them flow

Each tear being a reflection down the memory lane
Each tear being deeply rooted in that lane
For I used to treasure the moments, feelings, emotions
But it’s the tears I cherish more
Cause every tear is a lost treasure
For I once was rich in memories
Rather I choose to be poor
I lay my head on the pillow
To allow the tears to stream down
And hope that they stain
If its unclean then I choose to be dirty

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Loco Over My Locks by Jera

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No, I don’t smoke cannabis, don’t get it twisted
Read it again, just in case you missed it
Every man and his dog is obsessed with my twisted follicle
That’s why I wrote this twisted chronicle
I wear these locks in solidarity with my brothers who, in locks and in chains,
Were packed into slave ships, exported for white man’s gain
Exploited on plantations, sun up to sun down
Beaten, chained, raped, gunned down
Centuries later, they were dumped on an island
Island of Jamaica, left to poverty and violence
I twist my follicles in sympathy with my brothers, out on the streets
Vagabond dread heads, rummaging in trash cans for scraps to eat
I do this because the look suits me
I’m making a statement, so go ahead - shoot me
I do this ’cause it’s the natural state of my hair
I do this because I can and, unlike you, I dare
Never, once, did Shaka Zulu’s hair feel a fine tooth comb
And never ever did Nehanda perm out her dome
A Hindu with a turban, to you, causes no harm
And a Scotsman, in a kilt, to you exudes some charm
But me in my locks
Scares you, like a hen next to a fox
Analyse this – dread locks – you dread my locks
Free your mind… for it is chained and locked