Friday, February 24, 2012

Waiting For The Rain by Heather Dube

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The fire ball
Blazing in the sky
Her rays piercing
Through my sun dyed skin
Calling the salty streams
To race down my body
Evaporating into dry air.

My feet fully clad
In bronze dust
Like madam's stockings.
My toes biting
Into the familiar path
That led to the water well.

A bucket strategically placed
On my head
I remember very well,
It's all vivid in my memory
Playing back
like the motion picture
At Master's house
On the canvas wall.

You were seated
On that rock.
Starring at me
Like a dish ready to be devoured.
My belly was in knots,
My eyes scattered all over,
I lost my footing,
The bucket fell
Spilling all its contents.

Now that I remember
You left me empty
Like that bucket.
All my love for you
Spilling out
To be swallowed by sand
And evaporate into dry air.
Do you remember?
The first time
You set your eyes on me,
I thought
They would never leave my face
But they left.

Ever since you evaporated
With my love
I've been waiting
For it to rain on me again.