Monday, June 18, 2012

Nutmeat by Donal Mahoney

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My dear, tell me again so I know
how it would have been
had you married the man

you dream of all day, tell me again
as I lie next to you now,
your nutmeat sweet in my mouth.

Tell me again so I know
how to feel for fathering five
on you fast, five in six years,

five who will never be quiet  again
in our lives, five who will leave
in the night when they are of age

while up in our room I nibble
on nutmeat, proud to have traded
an oak for these acorns.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sweet Memories by Susan Chikomba

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Promises of heaven on earth
Whatever I asked for
Pleasant surprises the order of the day
My worries were his too
Suspicions brushed away
Replaced by profound happiness
At sun set we would set our journey to still places
Where still waters flow, washing away our differences
Where birds lend us their melody
Silence heralded the night out for two
Indeed nature rallied behind this youthful relationship
How could I be an exception?
I too, was compelled to work out to enrich this “us”
He also seemed, sounded and felt itching to have the “us” last forever
Together we were more than just love conquerers
We were each other’s true destiny
Separation never skipped my mind
I believed in “us”
I had faith in us lasting for eternity
Yet these are now mere sweet memories
The “us” is no more!