Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ugly Beauty - by Jerá

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Mother Africa...
Her face is pockmarked with craters
Craters flooded with blood spilled by haters
Haters that fan the flames of meaningless wars
Wars that drown Mother Africa in black man's gore
Her bosom sags from feeding hungry babies
Babies left to fend for themselves by deceased diseased mums and daddies
Her abdomen is scarred with surgical knives
The points of natal exit for millions of lives
Her hind is dimpled with pits and holes
Where war lords stand over Africans digging for gems like burrowing moles
Her knees are parted as tyrants perpetually violate
Her in turns and ruthlessly annihilate
Whoever raises a placard in feeble protest
Such a beauty, is Mother Africa, yet she's so grotesque