Friday, February 10, 2012

In the Shoes Of Nakedness by Wadzanai Chiuriri

It all happened fast, real quick
But over the years I have embraced it -slowly-
I have remembered each detail more accurately
Articulately fashioned it into words to let it out--
First he undressed me, each item one by one
Slit open into my safety
And tore through the garment of my pride
Meticulously - he unbuttoned my dignity
To expose my flesh for his vulture-like devouring
"How could something so fearfully and wonderfully
Knowingly, willingly and intentionally instil such
terror in me?
I was naked -bare- yet he could not see-
That my very sacredness had been exposed.
He "kissed" me, like he was thirsty
Like his body yearned for nothing more than my
body; my temple
He was willing to crush out my spirit
Suck out my memories
Destroy the "me" I'd known for so long -All for this
Then like an army of a thousand men stampeding
through a narrow cave opening fleeing from a fire
with swords and shields in hands yet helpless- my
heart was confused.
And yet his had an extra dose of determination
To thrush out the last fight in me!
Like daggers carefully manoeuvring into my
flesh...his words whispered in my frail ears were
Sounded like the devil's minions -
Cutting right through to my soul's melody's
I might have encountered the devil in this beautiful
creature- in fact I did
I wanted to pray-
But the moment I pictured the fine text from the
biblical press it was obscured
I saw the walls of Jericho tenfold crumbling to dust
choking me leaving me unable to speak- unable to
Perhaps my prayer in that moment
Could have been from Amos or Job or Romans -I
don't know
But I couldn't pray.
So I took a gulp of whatever fluid was in my mouth
A few drops of my tears mixed with my saliva
And the unforgettable taste of his tongue which he
kept plunging in and out of my mouth
Like my mouth was an opening to a coconut or a
yogurt container and his task was to ensure all the
contents were consumed.
He touched my body
Creasing my dear skin
It felt like his fingers were tapping into my soul
Playing scrabble with emotions
I was weak
He attacked me and enjoyed it
Like a toy he'd made for himself
Then he left me
He dropped me like the yogurt container no more
sweet. No more useful
But his breath remains in my mind and his body
forever heavy on my heart.
So I say lock him up- as he did me.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Step by Step by Clemence Chinyani

Image -
Thus it calls for us to,
Examine every step we take,
Is it worth the sweat,
Do we have to exhale?
And inhale to power up for the next move?
Should we look to see?
Where we tread, then,
I believe,
The less we grieve

To give,
Our attention to,
See where others trod,
Their falls, their walk-arounds,
A giant leap we take,
And we move forward not downward.

Thus it calls us to,
Heed what they say.

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Ghost by Bhekumusa Moyo

Image -

I don’t even know her
she is here though,
like a ghost-
She haunts the whole me
like a blanket,
she envelops all my fears
like a thief,
she enclosed my heart
no, I am left in hope,
the thief will be caught
and I will be me again.
I hallucinate,
in fear,
in joy,
in anticipation,
in passion,
and hope that
we will fit together
like a Christmas dress
and shine like the morning star
fly to somewhere far
like a fairytale
kiss and hug
ignoring the whole world
no!!!!! It mustn’t end.
I don’t even know her
she is here though,