Thursday, August 16, 2012

In Limbo by Mandla Nkomo

Love me:
Take a moment to show me you care
Do something extraordinarily nice if you dare
Or something simple to let me know you're there
Your gift or act does not have to be expensive or rare
Just something thoughtful and personal that we can share

Hate me:
Let me know that in your heart I have found no place
Spare not don’t disguise the truth by some act of civil grace
But shoot straight and tell it to my face
Fear not that I may suffer shame, dishonour or disgrace
Let me know without a doubt or lingering trace
That I may not waste anymore of your time or take up your precious space.

Just don't ignore me...
Do either between loving and hating
But please don’t leave me in limbo... waiting
In an empty communication vacuum without relating
Cause that would be a death sentence, a slow suffocating

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Led By A Gentle Hand by Slu Chilongo

Over the seas of
temptation, -
Past the many wildernesses of
confusion –
Under the clouds of
through thick mists of
By the fields of
Above winds of
Beside tides of
Across gorges of
There is no
Worry, sorrow, anxiety,
For I am led
Lovingly, closely, truly
By my Father’s hand.