Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Where Were Our Eyes? by Tinashe Muchuri

When we fought our brothers and sisters
To please them
Those who pay us with left overs
When we murdered our kith and kin
To excite them
Those who pay us with unfulfilled promises
When we burnt houses of the said opponents
To get praise from them
Those who dine on our blood and ashes
When we bombed our true beliefs
To get artificial blessings of hate
From them
Those who pray for our forever in poverty
When we sloganeered to their applause
Those who incite us to throw stones
On buildings and people
When we sang songs of freedom
Stamping on the tarred roads with
Our naked feet
To inspire them
Those who suppress our freedom
Where were our eyes
Today the same
Direct their ensued energy
To silence our cause