Thursday, July 7, 2011

Needless Anguish by Martha Ndlovu-Nyoni

A little on the big
A bit more flesh
on the hips
and stomach
so she gorges
on lemons
every morning
to shed a bit
of weight
a lot of weight actually
Not knowing
she is okay as she is!

Ten Years Across The Limpopo by Mgcini Nyoni

After ten years 
across the Limpopo
what he brought back home is this:
A fruit knife
known as okapi
The clothes on his back
A small radio
and the deadly
disease that’s doggedly
eating him.
Delirious mumblings
of  a good time
in Jozi
The delicious
Chocolate brown
Mzansi thighs.
In rare coherent moments
he talks of
getting stung
in between the thighs
of  beautiful
money squandering Mzansi women
In tears mama says
he should have come earlier
and gotten on the program
like the girl next door
After ten years
Across the Limpopo
All he brought
is the disease sending him to his grave

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fight Night by T.S Majoni

All dressed up and ready for skill
Why don’t you come closer in for the kill…
Tonight I’mma do whatever you will
And be rest assured I won’t charge a hefty bill…
So come on over baby, I can’t keep still.
Come introduce your hard Jack to my wet Jill…
Cause all she really needs is your heavy, thick spill.
I am only joking man, just wanted to give you a chill,
But then again maybe I did it for my sexual thrill…
So all I'm waiting for now is for you to come here and drill

Monday, July 4, 2011

When I Brought Her Home by Rinzu Rajan

They called me a domineering dame
only because I refused to respect
the rule made for a woman
a cook, cleaner and baby machine
I couldn't have been
as Napoleon once wrongly said.
Never could I see men
as masters or a marriage
as mandatory
and I didn't mind if that made me
rude, arrogant or a vagabond.

And in a bid to stand straight
in my spine, for unsolicited advice
about matrimony was commonplace
etched on every inch of the wall
around my debris.
One May morning she came home
that cherub of a creature with
a glittering glaze and a sparkling smile
they protested at my decision
which they say is a folly of an error
I chose to change diapers
and sing lullabies to a parent-less progeny
rather than for the work of my womb
why still remains a question
perhaps it was my own way
of thanking the Almighty
for not rejecting me in refusal like her.