Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ten Years Across The Limpopo by Mgcini Nyoni

After ten years 
across the Limpopo
what he brought back home is this:
A fruit knife
known as okapi
The clothes on his back
A small radio
and the deadly
disease that’s doggedly
eating him.
Delirious mumblings
of  a good time
in Jozi
The delicious
Chocolate brown
Mzansi thighs.
In rare coherent moments
he talks of
getting stung
in between the thighs
of  beautiful
money squandering Mzansi women
In tears mama says
he should have come earlier
and gotten on the program
like the girl next door
After ten years
Across the Limpopo
All he brought
is the disease sending him to his grave

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