Friday, June 14, 2013

Poetry by Thandeka T'kay Gonde

Poetry is...
...a prayer in the heart of a pilgrim
...a song, on the lips of a lover
...a letter, lost on the way
...a ticking bomb, in the hands of a soldier
...a bead of sweat, on the farmer's brow
...a jade, at the bottom of the ocean
...a leaf, floating in the air
...a dialogue, between a great mind and itself
...expensive wine, drip drop drip drop, down the cliff of tabletop
Poetry is...
...the music of a silent guitar
...a dream so real, a reality so ethereal

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lady of the night by Artwell Masuku

Image -
An attractive
Stood under
Neon lights
On a street corner

Her face
Warm tones
Of rich gold

I loved her
And the way
She smelt

She pretended
She was
I knew

First Waitress by Donal Mahoney

Image -

Outside, the still
of crickets.
Inside, petals
of a cold sore
a boutonniere
for full lips.
Looking up, I tell her
two eggs, basted,
hash browns,
coffee now.
Later on,
she says
the birthmark
I found
south of her navel 
she’s had
all her life.