Thursday, August 11, 2011

When I Lose My Head by Gracian W. Masiyiwa

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When I lose my head
I just walk a few steps, and
 don’t choose where I fall
or who picks me up
When I lose my head
I also lose my ears
It’s like singing to entertain
the depressed
I won’t hear you
When my head falls
I also lose my eyes
And can’t separate diamonds
from sand
Closed eyes are eyes lost
Only see the darkness
that’s Inside the head
When I lose my head
Be very careful, stand afar
For I lose my mouth too
That corrosive verbal acid
starts to escape
And wantonly spoils
Friend or foe
When I lose my head
Please I am not a loser
Just need picking up
When you gather and join me
Take heed not to leave joints
Do it under closed doors
If I can now twist my neck,
Without groaning
You may then leave

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Woman Called Somalia by Mgcini Nyoni

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The vultures are circling
we won’t last another week.
They know it
But we might:
sell your extra handbags
food for a year
get rid of your cosmetics bag
food for another year
The contents
of your rubbish bin
will last us a month
You don’t have to
but we are begging you to.
The vultures are circling
angling for my
emaciated child
We won’t last another week
unless you sell one wheel
of your Hummer
and feed us for two years:
You don’t have to
but you can;
sell one of your yachts
and feed us for five years
We are not your responsibility
we know
But you can
stop the vultures circling
by not buying the
thousand dollar shoe
or going on that expensive holiday.
We don’t mean to impose
but you can stop
the circling vultures.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Who Am I? by Mgcini Nyoni

Who am I?
A wife?
My mother’s daughter?
An employee?
A girlfriend?
The other woman?
Another ‘hot’ girl
in mini skirts
and skin jeans
and high heels.
What do I have?
An abusive husband,
A university degree
that hasn’t helped;
a lascivious boss
sees no  further
than the ‘sexy’ thighs.
Mother :
 hold on,
men are like that my daughter
marriage is not easy
Hang on
It’s going to be alright
What about his cheating ways
His abusive language
His neglect?
Who am I?
 a woman
All blind
to my importance
my work
my dreams
my aspirations
Who am I?