Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Who Am I? by Mgcini Nyoni

Who am I?
A wife?
My mother’s daughter?
An employee?
A girlfriend?
The other woman?
Another ‘hot’ girl
in mini skirts
and skin jeans
and high heels.
What do I have?
An abusive husband,
A university degree
that hasn’t helped;
a lascivious boss
sees no  further
than the ‘sexy’ thighs.
Mother :
 hold on,
men are like that my daughter
marriage is not easy
Hang on
It’s going to be alright
What about his cheating ways
His abusive language
His neglect?
Who am I?
 a woman
All blind
to my importance
my work
my dreams
my aspirations
Who am I?

1 comment:

Debon said...

Hello Mgcini I am moved to post a comment in response to your poem. A very deep poem, one which cries out for brothers to respect women. I agree with that totally. You are saying that men only see you for your body but then, look at the picture you choose to post with the poem. Very suggestive indeed, am sure you'll agree to that. Make no mistake, you are an absolutely beautiful sister, very stunning, that is unquestionable. But the image you post kinda defeats your theme. Blessed love and respect my proud Nubian sister. would love to exchange thoughts and poetry with you from time to time. Please say if this is ok with you. Blessed love and respect to you my proud Nubian Sister. Love and respect again. BLESS!!!