Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Beautiful Nonsense by Nqobizitha Nkatha Ncube

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We kept dancing long after the music had stopped
while all receded to seat
we danced and swayed like drunk weeds to a noteless melody 

strummed by the hands of love
a dance of souls entwined that makes music the fool
a dance where all you do is stare, stoke and breathe deep

I’m in love with the beautiful nonsense we do
the slow dance that always fades to a messy steppy toes
or to the sad bump of noses

I’m in love with the beautiful mess we are!
The pathetic potbellies that bump and collide…
How cupid mourns at the nonsense we call 'us'

I’m in love with the mess she is
kinda heavy is my girl
but with every crease and wrinkle comes the profound truth
that love is not just an intense fondness
but a sick thrill in embracing the nonsense in the clumsy kiss

Monday, October 17, 2011

Muammar My Son! by Unozivashe Hove

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Muammar my son!
You were so young then
When I taught you ways
To make you human
From a tender age
I thought you would listen
How you used to chase rats
Kill innocent rodents
Chasing them away
From the compound with cats
I warned you my dear son
Let them live peacefully
Lest they regroup and conquer
Now look at yourself son
You run away like rats
Into dungeons 
Will you die like them?
Saddam or those rodents?
All honor & glory gone,
Besides you are now a rat
Hiding missiles in a hole
I thought you took heed then,
But you wouldn’t listen
Eish! Gaddafi my son!