Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Orator by Heather Dube

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Raised in the city of kings.
I claim my throne of royalty
With ink as my spear
paper as my shield.
I claim my space in the world
to be heard.
I express myself
liberate my mind
I share my thoughts
I explore the depths of my imagination,
the turmoils,
the pains,
the smiles,
the laughter.
I tell stories
maybe told by others
but not told my way.
Take this journey with me
as I scribble through the wars of literature
leaving signature trails
on empty pages,
Claiming my rightful throne.
The Orator

Friday, February 17, 2012

Our Children's Tears by Mgcini Nyoni

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We have grown fat
on our children’s tears
We have become rich
on our children’s blistered hands
and cracked feet
We have allowed fat men
with big stomachs
and big luxury cars
to tear our children’s hymen
and we dare ask
what’s wrong with our children
We have crammed whole families
into single rooms
and the children sleeping under the bed
can hear the parents having sex
Our children have seen
their mothers sneak in boyfriends
 as soon as the father leaves
for work at the industrial site
Our children have seen their fathers
with other men’s daughters
behind the public toilet
And we dare ask;
what’s wrong with our children?
We have given our children machetes
taught them to chant party slogans
and to clobber political opponents
and we dare ask
what’s wrong with our children
We have become rich using
dubious economic policies
that have not benefited
the ordinary man on the street
We have built beer halls
and taverns
In place of schools
and libraries
and we dare ask;
what’s wrong with our children?
We have grown fat
on our children’s tears…

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Days Past And... by Sdumie C Moyo

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Last night my heart thawed
When I felt your soft sultry lips brush against mine
It was like I drifted on a light cloud for a moment
The music in my heart was so piercing that I forgot my surroundings
Began to lose myself in you
You saw the flame in my eyes and smiled
You gave me a rose though it wasn`t Valentine’s Day
With the utmost passion
You told me you loved me though it wasn’t my birthday
Last night we slept under the stars and we both wished it to be everlasting

When I woke up, I was without your company
In my bed, with nothing but my blankets keeping me warm
My pillow tightly clutched to my chest
Reality began to sink in...
My delusion was the rerun of a time in my life when I thought I had found the one...
My Adonis Alpha Male
I can still taste your lips though they are just but a remote recollection
When you see me, instead of stopping to speak you pass me by with only a distant nod
I can’t help but be taken back to the time when you couldn`t take tour eyes off me
When saying ‘hi’ was never enough for you
I were the one for me then and not my forever after

I hate you for making me fall for you
I hate you for making me love you
Because of you, I always have to battle your ghosts that threaten my sanity
Because of you, I made a promise to myself; I will conquer your ghosts until you are distant memory from another lifetime and I will LOVE
Like I have never been hurt before!

~Screw Valentine's Day~ by Heather Dube

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Roses are red
violets are blue
blah, blah, blah, blah! 
I don't care
if the sky is purple too.

Poems are great
Valentine's is lame
I know I don't want to be loved
for one day in a year.

Chocolate is sweet
and so are you
but baby
keep the flowers at bay
from me today
save them for another fine day
not Valentine's Day.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Wedding by Rudorwashe Kanukamwe

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I’m dressed in a virginal white, satin gown.
To enter on a honorary basis,
Into the culture I have never known.
A marvelous opportunity,
To forget who I am and why I am that.
As this marriage stretches its tentacles to bind me,
And disrupt my life
Before I call it mine.
Don’t take offense
At the sound of my voice.
I am no the friend or the lover,
He has mellowed me into,
The years since then.
This marriage is square,
Rather than round, so that you can see where it ends,
And identify the idiosyncrasies’