Sunday, October 9, 2016

I am Khanga by Khwezi

I wrap myself around the curvaceous bodies of women all over Africa
I am the perfect nightdress on those hot African nights
The ideal attire for household chores
I secure babies happily on their mother’s backs
Am the perfect gift for new bride and new mother alike
Armed with proverbs, I am vehicle for communication between women
I exist for the comfort and convenience of a woman
But no no no make no mistake …
I am not here to please a man
And I certainly am not a seductress
Please don’t use me as an excuse to rape
Don’t hide behind me when you choose to abuse
You see
That’s what he said my Malume
The man who called himself my daddy’s best friend
Shared a cell with him on [Robben] Island for ten whole years
He said I wanted it
That my khanga said it
That with it I lured him to my bed
That with it I want you is what I said
But what about the NO I uttered with my mouth
Not once but twice
And the please no I said with my body
What about the tear that ran down my face as I lay stiff with shock
In what sick world is that sex
In what sick world is that consent
The same world where the rapist becomes the victim
The same world where I become the bitch that must burn
The same world where I am forced into exile because I spoke out?
This is NOT my world
I reject that world
My world is a world where fathers protect and don’t rape
My world is a world where a woman can speak out
Without fear for her safety
My world is a world where no one, but no one is above the law
My world is a world where sex is pleasurable not painful

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Edict to Africa by Sibonokuhle Ndhlovu-Ncube

Image -
Land that hid the King of Kings, Selah
Plundered of many yet undiminished
Your frenemies have been unmasked!
Their conundrum on invocations will no longer confuse you
With prescience, let your leaders arise
Let them rule justly under delegation and reverence of the Almighty;
For it can no longer be the blood of liberation that rules
But that of the One whose blood speaks better things than that of Abel!
Let the King return to his throne
Let the King of glory return to his throne!
Then ancient gates will break asunder, ancient principalities
Demoted from your spiritual gates;
Land that hid the King of Kings
And gave the shoulder of Simon to bear the cursed cross;
Liberated from man but subject to God –
Cattle on a thousand hills belong to Him;
You have been given Cape to Cairo and the world to feed all, for all!
Beneficiation, appropriation, sustainable development, accountability,
Ubuntu, let all anthems ring – after having done all look to your king and live!
May God forgive and bless our land.