Thursday, July 16, 2015

Pruning by JD DeHart

Image -
Earth gives only so much
and does not always cooperate.
We gather and steam 
and work and regale each
other with stories.  Meanwhile,
a single emerald winks 
from the dull ground, then becomes
another and another
until life pushes forward, sliding
aside our doubtful sands
and mournful pebbles.
A new life, a new garden
begins with that single stem
suddenly, exultantly budding.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hero Checklist by Mgcini Nyoni

If a man fights gallantly for his country
If a man decimates the enemy
and liberates his country
If the same man goes on to rape and murder
Is he a hero?
If a man feeds the hungry
clothes the cold
and shelters the homeless
If the same man then molests little ones
Is the man still worthy of praise?
If a man who fought gallantly for his country
Loots resources meant for many
Is that man a hero?
If there was a hero checklist
Would rape, murder and looting be on that list?
If the right hero checklist was used
Would our heroes be heroes?

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Siren of the Streets by Donal Mahoney

 Photo by Carol Bales
Whenever she comes by
it's always the same thing.
I make her comfortable
and then she leaves. 

I tell her she's a harlot 
hooking up all night 
with God knows who 
but in her case God

looks the other way.
Curious neighbors 
ask if I know her.  
I ask them do I look 

like that kind of man?
Peter denied Christ thrice
but I make Peter a piker
when it comes to denying 

this siren of the streets.
Once in a while a neighbor,
smitten as I am, takes her in
because she's attractive

and it's peaceful until
some morning very early
she's on my deck again
heartbroken, forlorn,

willing to do anything
for a nosh and a drink. 
Since no one is up
at that hour to see me 

I sit on the deck
and she leaps on my lap
and I stroke her until
she's a Lamborghini 

purring at a red light. 
Then she drives off,
leaving me on the deck
heartbroken, forlorn.

She must have been spayed.
Never had any kittens. 
What might Pope Francis 
think about this?

Her kittens, after all,
would have been beautiful 
just as she is,
harlot or not.