Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Visions by Ereck Ndewere

The outlet opens a little
Against the copious flood
Stridently, I shout through the closing door
“Please help!”
The water level rises and rises, unabated
 “Help me, please help, I cannot open the door!”
My last lexis before I am swept off my feet
I breathe my last

Impenetrable darkness engulf me
Heart freezes, breathing stops
Eyes roll out as my feet become numb
Lights of the earth fade away
And my spirit bellows!
 “Is it beautiful out there?”
Riotous silence
I leap over the Rubicon

Looking back
Pallbearers and mourners
Watch over my lifeless body,
As family, finances, pleasure
All the things I treasured
I have left behind
Reflections of  heaven and the angels
Bright orange lights do allure me.
What about hell,
The place reserved for evil doers?
Impregnable luminosity!
Drawn to it like a magnet
In manifestations of life and death

Monday, September 9, 2013

Miss Carol's Dumplings by Donal Mahoney

Every month or so
on a Sunday afternoon
I skip the football game
and get in my truck
and drive out from the city
into farm country
to visit Miss Carol
and get my hands
on her plump dumplings.
Biggest I've ever seen.
Best I've ever had,
terrific with her
legs and thighs.
When she lays out 
her chicken dinner  
on that white tablecloth
I start drooling before
I even get a hand on it.
A farm girl, she says 
she's never met 
a man like me
so nuts am I
about her dumplings.
Usually, she says,
men like breast meat,
when it's moist,
and I allow how I
like that as well
but not as much 
as her plump dumplings
on a Sunday afternoon
and her pluperfect
legs and thighs