Friday, September 23, 2011

It Wants So Hard To Rain by Loyce Daka

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It wants so hard to rain
dark dense clouds roll in
with a remembered look
circling round us, invading
our sterile sky, giving us a promise
a few drops that quickly dry
before they hit the ground

It wants so hard to rain
these unfamiliar clouds
still timid
as if they are not sure

People stare out of windows
stand in doorways
crossing themselves
crossing their fingers
afraid to speak the word
less rain be scared away

It's been so long since blue was seen
this terrible summer made our sky
white hot in heat
so white
we could not look at it

At last it's changed its hue
there is a softness to it now
a certain coolness
in its touch

What are the chances
rain will finally come
we try to coax the clouds
beg them to release
let go

They want to
they want so hard to rain
but they've forgotten how.