Thursday, January 6, 2011

Infected by Loice Majora

She watches leaves fall down
She tries to soothe her soul
under the flashing light of the moon
She realizes - more pain.

The grip of fear,
leaves her trembling like a lost sheep in a vast forest.
She weeps  but her strength fails her
She is too weak, the pain cannot be described

She smiles feebly to her dying infant
cuddled to her skinny arms
She smells death but it seems worthy for her now
She is like leaf  which will blow  away with wind

She is like a moving skeleton,
her hips which used to mark her womanhood
have disappeared,
Her soul is shattered like a mud calabash.

She has dead memories
for she remembers nothing good except
the loud and unfaithful husband just like a tattoo.
She realises how it begun
She coughs and spits blood
She is a poor innocent soul paying the fate of being married and lobola paid for
She didn’t have a chance .

She is indeed damned
She realises that she will fade away like dust
and will leave no footprints

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Plastic Women by Mgcini Nyoni

who come close
to putting sta-soft
in their hair
And jik
on their faces
Maybe they do.
Those who know
where pizza inn is
where the salon is
where KFC is
They don’t know
where the library is.
Those who have
six inch fake nails
Razor cut
Hundred percent
et cetera
Those with
bright –red lips
and fake Chinese
face powder
Those who insist
on accented broken English
Those who think
the definition of good boyfriend
is a car .
Those who put sta-soft in their hair
and jik on their faces,
I call them plastic women.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Fake by Julius Chingono

An underpaid clerk
came back
from lunch
picking his teeth clean
with a matchstick
to impress a co-worker,
the girl at the switchboard
whose lunch was
steak and chips
Yet his meal was
a half-hour long nap
and half a litre of water
from a tap
in the park.