Friday, January 6, 2012

A Patriarchally Deteriorating Company Versus "Don't Go Policy" by Sarah Gamutan

Image -
Superiors stuck in corridors, half blind to us
wee subservient women - true, weird. So, they
suck fries in their mouths and put some locks
on the door, as if they are hard to reach? Some
documents signed and all I see is crevice. Gag.
I always say no. Floors which are of the same
color are only cleaned by company's old vacuum.
We are like slugs crawling on the floor of red carpet
which turns from puce to bloody red when we jester
like baby dinosaurs knocking on their doors and
grabbing their shirts named after our superhero.
We hope our boss doesn't lose his normative
characteristics so he can still sign autographs
to us fanatics of his piggy swagger and smirk.
Fine. I want to include my daughter to our street
protest. At times, we need some man in the house.