Thursday, November 4, 2010

It Gets Better by Frank Malaba

Cactus fists that seek out peach blossom cheeks,
Iron rods red hot that seek the quench of young blood.
Eyes once luminant now shielded from your stare down.
Grins mask your Hitler-esque passion for my pain.
I am here, in this moment, feeling, tasting, immersed
In your chasm of ego fueled ignorance.
I want you to know, that even with the barrel of your
Hate pistol pressed in my throat, I breathe thru my
Loved ones and I embrace the fact that...
It Gets Better.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Met You But Still A Mystery by Trevor Mtimkulu

My eyes had a glimpse of beauty in a sea of faces and it wasnt  an illussion,
She stood there with a smile so bright like the corona of the sun,
Oh! how blindin' is yo essence and blindly I spell out attraction,
She,the dawn of spring givin'colour to my life,impregnantin' my heart
with feelins I later confess but deep in my mind you still a mystery.