Friday, August 31, 2012

Tears of My Sentiments by Rudorwashe Kanukamwe

Even some repeated the Lord’s prayer,
as if they could not see my anger,
while l struggled to hold an emotion.
I heard them in a new light,
a kind of divine administrator for my vengeance.
My tongue is full of fire,
while my teeth are full of stone.
This vengeance has turned me into a stone woman.
this naked vengeance,
where the bible that blessed today ‘s birth,
is used to curse another life.
Yet some kept repeating the Lord ‘s prayer,
as if they did not see,
they clearly said, ‘Amen,’
‘Amen,’ while my daughter cries,
and her tears drop on the pastor’s conscience.
Who clearly repeats the Lord’s prayer,
as if he can’t see or hear,
the tears of my sentiments.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Conscious Victim by Tsitsi Gumbo

I falter on this path I chose
your bitch; confirmed
you piss I drink
still my tail wags
as you advance