About Us

Poetry Bulawayo was formed in 2009 and seeks to give poets (writers and performers) a platform. Poetry Bulawayo gives poets who would have died writing for the closet or performing in the shower a platform to excell.
Poetry Bulawayo deals with only poetry, but other arts genres get a platform via collaborations with poets: instrument players accompanying poets, beatbox accompanying poetry and so on. Under the banner of Poetry Bulawayo is written poetry, performance poetry, hip-hop and other forms of spoken word.


* Online publishing of poetry @ www.poetrybulawayo.blogspot.com
* Publication of poetry books and poetry anthologies. Poetry Bulawayo publishes main stream poetry and in partnership with christian organisations, publication christian poetry.

* Poetry productions for the stage and functions
* Writing of lyrics for music and creation of special occasion poems.
* Poetry readings every saturday.


* To mobilise resources for the publication of and promotion of poetry.
* To create a network of poets nationally, regionally and internationally
* To organise poetry workshops for the development of poetry
* To facilitate training in mediums that promote poetry eg. theatre, music etc.
* To organise poetry reading sessions for poets to share their work and interact.