Saturday, August 20, 2011

Martha’s Tavern By Lilian Dube

Martha’s tavern,
The braai is a colourful affair
Someone’s burning the beef
Is being beat up
By his wife
Jeered on by his cronies
Listening to the 7th remix
Of DJ so & so
Converse soles upon
The polished dance floor
Sweaty boys!

Naked in her skirt
Smelling out prey
Pretty nose…
Infusions of warm smokes
The cobbler is on his 8th
And enjoying it
Eyelids of a gecko
Wondering why
Everybody has
Two replicas in tow
&he can even feel
His beard grow-
Even Deliwe by the bar
Doesn’t look like
His brother’s daughter anymore…

Friday, August 19, 2011

Au Revoir by Mthulisi Ncube

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A heartache
As memories unfold
Memories of the days gone by;
The times that have passed

From the time we met
You were special to me
Tears of joy did I shed
A true friend I found in you

Minutes are grains of sand
Slipping all too quickly
Through our fingers
Leaving only memories

Hot tears streak
Down my cheeks
Gullies developed
As I think of our joys
The moments spent together

How pleasant
Our days were
How savouring
Each moment was
Had I the might
I’d turn back time

Your warm heart
Will be a treasure I guard
Your radiant smile
Will linger forever

Without You
Life will be a gray expanse of matter
Without a single ray of light
Something to be endured
And not enjoyed

That distant be , but a number
Let our thoughts unite
As we met to part
So it is in parting
That we meet again

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Redemption Song by Mgcini Nyoni

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Let her enjoy
Peace of mind
an orgasm or two
Let her enjoy
and then, Yes Sir!
You can stand as a man