Friday, August 19, 2011

Au Revoir by Mthulisi Ncube

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A heartache
As memories unfold
Memories of the days gone by;
The times that have passed

From the time we met
You were special to me
Tears of joy did I shed
A true friend I found in you

Minutes are grains of sand
Slipping all too quickly
Through our fingers
Leaving only memories

Hot tears streak
Down my cheeks
Gullies developed
As I think of our joys
The moments spent together

How pleasant
Our days were
How savouring
Each moment was
Had I the might
I’d turn back time

Your warm heart
Will be a treasure I guard
Your radiant smile
Will linger forever

Without You
Life will be a gray expanse of matter
Without a single ray of light
Something to be endured
And not enjoyed

That distant be , but a number
Let our thoughts unite
As we met to part
So it is in parting
That we meet again

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Anonymous said...

Learn to treasure all special people but odds get too attached as the effects of a departure are so immense.