Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Tribes Of Blood by Russell Streur

The orthodox ones
From northern sand
Are killing off the animists
In southern town

The Taliban
Are slitting throats of Christians on TV
The Sufis in the hills are shooting down Shabab below
The Sunnis in the dunes are killing all the Hindus on the train

The Shiites are killing Jews
The Jews are killing Turks
The Turks are killing Kurds
The Kurds are killing Persians

The Persians want the bomb
The blues are killing greens
The Greeks are killing druses
The Sikhs die bleeding in the oaks

And whites on shooting sprees
Are killing everyone:
Blood is thicker than water—
Cheaper too.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Goodbye FOR NOW by Thandeka Gonde

If this chapter never ends
The next will never begin
If you stay here forever
There's no room to cherish the memories made
There surely would be no tomorrow
If today lingered on and on
While I see you with my eyes
I can't dream beyond today
If ,then, I cannot dream
Life will forever be the same
My heart knows not how to grow fonder in your presence.
In that I find solace
When it hurts to say goodbye