Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Into The Deep... by Heather Dube

Into the deep I plunge
in search of a thin streak of light
cutting through this darkness
blinding my sanity.
Into the deep I wander
through empty spaces
and crevices furrowed by misery.
Into the deep deep deep and deeper
I lose myself.
Darker it gets in this abyss
dimming the little faith I have.
Fading is my luminous beam
erased to haunting shadows
blending with this pitch darkness.
In too deep
lies a thick stench of oppression
ready to suffocate each breath I take.
Unforgiving and so demeaning
is this fathomless pit of depression.
A bottomless gulf
were winds of anger whirl
corroding the walls of my mind,
were once sweet memories lay
have been eroded to a delusive debris.
In this realm,
a domain of catastrophe
thunder rumbles with tornadoes spinning in
a hurricane.
An endless storm ever brewing torment
to my chamber of thoughts.
Fire blazing
torching emotions to ashes.
Inferno raging
a wailing yearn to be freed
from this vile vicinity,
as my wretched soul
simmers a sob to bleak slumber
into the deep.