Thursday, February 3, 2011

Love Is Not Always The Same by Thelma S. Katt

They say 'if you have loved before,
You will love again'
Love is a game
And every time its not the same..

Once upon a time it played out like a song
One with a message so sweet and strong
Carrying lovers to a world only imagined
Full of adventure and places yet to be discovered..

Then it became a dream
Not a nightmare,but a sweet and sensual dream
Where lovers shared every minute,every moment
In poems from emotional poets
Full of hope,peace and eternal bliss...

Of love stories,
Time passes,sadness reigns
From dreams of 'what ifs'
To shattered hearts,
When lovers are torn apart
Some for a moment,
And others for a lifetime...

So love is a game
And every time its not always the same
Some rise from the pain
But not everyone can regain
What they once had
And nobody can change it,
Its just the way it is....