Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Fight In Makokoba by Clemence Chinyani

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 I was there,
Standing with the watchers,
Adding my voice to the din,
Saying things, to nobody,
Flinching, Scared for him,
The one who was drunk,
And the other, boiled-as-an-owl,
Throwing fits wildly as if fighting with the air,
After a while they rested,
Like two turkey-cocks,
Balloon lipped, blue-eyed,
Spitting bloodied spit,
One started about the other's mother,
The crowd fell into a frenzy,
Someone pushed the other's supporter,
And the sun slid an inch down to it's awaiting bed,
The beer hall security personnel laughed,
And the short blade knife darted through space,
From the back-pocket to the chest cavity,
Drawing blood,
End of the fight, someone toll the bell,
Fun's over a man is down.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just For A While by Thandeka T'kay Gonde

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You painted rainbows on my sky
Made my heart smile
But it was ah!
Just for a little while
You made my face shine
When I felt like you were mine
I won't say it was a lie
When u said your love won't die
'cause it was true, but just for a while

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Hand by Lerato

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Fitted snugly into mine
years ago
Strolling down
the lazy streets
and the city council park
with a sparkling fountain
It’s rundown now
the fountain green with algae
I still walk the lazy streets
and the park
Unaware that your hand
imprinted on mine
is long gone
It fits snugly on the steering wheel
and other hands – not mine
The hand
I still feel it
and reminisce
It’s long gone though
My hand took yours’ shape
and no other
can fit snugly
into my hand anymore
I walk and muse over
your long gone hand