Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Hand by Lerato

Image - nattaciabailey.deviantart.com

Fitted snugly into mine
years ago
Strolling down
the lazy streets
and the city council park
with a sparkling fountain
It’s rundown now
the fountain green with algae
I still walk the lazy streets
and the park
Unaware that your hand
imprinted on mine
is long gone
It fits snugly on the steering wheel
and other hands – not mine
The hand
I still feel it
and reminisce
It’s long gone though
My hand took yours’ shape
and no other
can fit snugly
into my hand anymore
I walk and muse over
your long gone hand

1 comment:

Ludo said...

Tell her to wake up and move on with her life, this life is just too short for such!