Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Guide Through The Sand by Khumbulani Mleya

Photo by Resta Nyamwanza

In lie we follow paths taken by many
sometimes learning through experience
the directions they eventually take us
so as to lead as we have been led.
We proceed in different strides and at
different times depending on guidance
in every step amidst the many footprints
we follow at ease.
Not all who walk have a leading hand to
guide them through uncertain paths, to turn
them back again on the right way, or
cast a protective eye to ensure their security
in every step
And so our prints I hope remain to guide
them as they find their way through
experience and not guidance.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Salute You by Mgcini Nyoni

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All the single mothers
I salute you
You have gotten over
the one who did you wrong
broke your heart
and walked away from his responsibilities
And made you strong.
You have to deal with
gripe water
and supermarket tantrums
And on top of that
try to put food on the table
You have to deal
with the confusion of trying to figure
out if the smooth talking guy
you met the other day
is the real deal
And let’s all say a silent prayer
to those who treat you with respect
and refrain from the phrase
'damaged goods'
All the single mothers
I salute you.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

You Are In My Thoughts by Mgcini Nyoni

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As I sluggishly
go through the day
wading through
a heap of emotions
As I put
food into my mouth
the taste a distant sensation
As I look
into the reflection
of my being
looking at the possibility of us:
Glorious and wonderful
As it feels like
I’m falling
plummeting towards
the bottom of a bottomless pit

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Hold My Thoughts by Selliville

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I hold my thoughts to myself,
What use will it be for me to say what I think?
When you close your ears 
That you don’t hear what I say.
No, no you don’t close them,
 But you pretend not to hear,
You pretend that all I say don’t make no sense!
So I hold my thoughts.

I hold my thoughts to myself,
But one day, one day I will break down,
Cry? No not cry, no! I have cried enough.
But I will break down and talk.
Talk of all that you put me through
Talk of all that I blinded myself to
Well there I don’t blame you, that was a choice I made.
But for now I hold my thoughts.

I hold my thoughts to myself,
 You have too much pride trapped inside you.
Change, change they say is inevitable
But to expect change from you;
Is like expecting the sun to rise from the west.
Am I now voicing them? You be the judge.
Still I hold my thoughts.