Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Guide Through The Sand by Khumbulani Mleya

Photo by Resta Nyamwanza

In lie we follow paths taken by many
sometimes learning through experience
the directions they eventually take us
so as to lead as we have been led.
We proceed in different strides and at
different times depending on guidance
in every step amidst the many footprints
we follow at ease.
Not all who walk have a leading hand to
guide them through uncertain paths, to turn
them back again on the right way, or
cast a protective eye to ensure their security
in every step
And so our prints I hope remain to guide
them as they find their way through
experience and not guidance.


Anonymous said...

good appeal, language usage good, applies across a spectrum of reflections.

Khumbulani Mleya said...

What happenned to this piece is it still at the gallery? Can I have access to it..

Khumbulani Mleya said...


From beneath the burdens of failure, pain and sorrow is a path of gold that leads to where the true Self dwells following it is not easy

If I had to choose again.. mine would be the hard and narrow
Not smooth and of streams shallow
But up mountains and rocky places, for in the face of violent suffering we have slept under the stars darkness as a blanket
With pain as nothing more than a part of life but today we are Kings for in this path is also found the Divine Seeds of Life.
Time is a healer touching the Souls of a Billion Black until they Awaken to see the Lights and Darks
To hear the Sounds and the Silences, the Chaos and the Calm
The Devils and Angels of Self.

Ancient Kings

Khumbulani Mleya said...


At night darkness keeps me afloat and during the day light washes my thoughts

With the Struggle in One hand and Self Enlightenment on the other I'm torn between worlds but I still got a verse that will slow your mind to the speed of life
Picture a billion black faces falling to the submission of fake stories stolen from tradition
They bleed and they sweat too many tears have been shed to no avail
This is a time of action
My ambition is to be a black history hit man taking down superstition like a sniper on a mission

This world is full of fakes who just want to take
They cut off our feet yet everyday promise us new shoes so we gonna breathe life into these lines and deep rhymes
We gonna spread love and reminisce about all the good times