Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Edict to Africa by Sibonokuhle Ndhlovu-Ncube

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Land that hid the King of Kings, Selah
Plundered of many yet undiminished
Your frenemies have been unmasked!
Their conundrum on invocations will no longer confuse you
With prescience, let your leaders arise
Let them rule justly under delegation and reverence of the Almighty;
For it can no longer be the blood of liberation that rules
But that of the One whose blood speaks better things than that of Abel!
Let the King return to his throne
Let the King of glory return to his throne!
Then ancient gates will break asunder, ancient principalities
Demoted from your spiritual gates;
Land that hid the King of Kings
And gave the shoulder of Simon to bear the cursed cross;
Liberated from man but subject to God –
Cattle on a thousand hills belong to Him;
You have been given Cape to Cairo and the world to feed all, for all!
Beneficiation, appropriation, sustainable development, accountability,
Ubuntu, let all anthems ring – after having done all look to your king and live!
May God forgive and bless our land.