Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wandirasa by Chiwoniso Maraire

Poetry Bulawayo honors the great musician, Chiwoniso Maraire. May her soul rest in peace.

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Something about you baby
Has touched me deep inside
I can’t explain it to you
No matter how much I try to stay away
I know that it in me
I shall never be the same
You know I run around in circles
Pretending it aint you
Yet I know everything I ever wanted is in you
You turn, away tell me that it’s a lie
Aah I keep wondering why

Wandirasa wandirasa wandirasawo
Wandirasa wandirasa wandirasa wandirasawo

Now I know this is not much to ask for
No wonder why could I sometimes
To simply tell you what I'm here for
Mmmm, this my love
If I could dream of you it could be easier
The sweet events we have in our hearts
I'm wondering whether I'm not your lover
I can’t give up this fight
You tell me baby stay with me
Help me make it through
And I think baby baby can’t you see
How much I love you
I could never leave you even if I wanted to

You know I've told you so before
So before, But its only because
I don’t know what to do
Ohh wouoohh

Wandirasa wandirasa wandirasa wandirasawo x 4

The nights we shared together
Were from the day
In certain places that I
Birds could never be sad
Look at the sun and stars
In the skies and wonder why
It feels like July ooohh
And now we find ourselves that
We've been gone too deep to turn back
Oh darling help me heal this
Why are you wrecking my heart
Only now it’s too far,
Coz I knew how I was from the start
but oooh it hurts my heart

Wandirasa wandirasa wandirasa wandirasawo x 3