Saturday, November 14, 2009

*YOUR R£SPONSIBILTY* by Cleopatra Dube

You promised to be there,take care of my every
need,i have a need to be hugged and held so tight its a physical pain to breath.
You would provide for me you said,i hunger for all that i know you take for granted,feed my soul.

Everything hugs my body like a second skin,most of it is gone torn,proof of how many years have gone by,clothe the body that is at war with the soul.

The children of the cloud have no mercy on my tired body,constantly i am washed clean and reborn to the world.Mostly i face the earth as a creature belonging to the sea instead of the land,even the wind laughs at me as she carrys me left right and center.Shelter just my head under your wing,dont let them get a glimpse of my nakedess.

Can't you see that you neglect me!Who else will take me in if you close your eyes like you didnt see me right now walking beside you.You are my mother,my brother,sister,friend granparent but i glare into your eyes as an enermy ready for battle.Thats my life daily nothing else makes sense except the pile of rubbish that puts a smile on my face for an impending Christmas.

You and i fight for the street but you dont belong here,you go to your warm bed tonight after spending the day trampling all over mine,then you wake me up too early for my growing bones as you dash past me,treating me like the scum of the city.

Why do you neglect me?I am still your responsibilty.Isnt that the spirit of UBUNTU?Its you who says SISONK£.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I Can Forget About You by Pentecost Mate

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Inspired by Lloyd Rodson’s ME LIPS KAARN GETA STIFFY

I can forget about you if you get rid of your booty butt
your oversize night shift night duty butt
your bouncy butt
your bubbly butt
your busy butt your nightclubbing butt
your swinging swimming butt
your butty butt swishing
your blue-nickered butt
your houseboat butt
your badge bodice butt
your boastful butt in a
let’s - sit butt and screw butt moment
let’s bump and bump till we….
till the butt…till it…
your butt on my pillow butt
your manager’s special butt
your unity government butt
your batty butt buttered with buttercup margarine
your let’s meet in town butt when? Tomorrow
your South African Rand versus the US$
your real butt; your spacious – overdose butt
your stupid idiot butt silly selfless selfish butt
your umh! Ah! Butt
your teacher pupil butt sitting writing on the chalkboard
your butt on your sofa watching TV
your newsful butt of Botswana dancing bold butts
your Bollywood naked butt. Your Swati reed dance butt
your boiling on a paraffin stove butt because there
is no electricity in town
your bathroom sexy, sensuous, silk
silver-screen, silhouetted, silicon butt
your movie of the week
sister hood sister-in-law singing butt
your single parent, divorced butt
your widowed butt weaned from sex
your sizzling six fold clapping butt