Friday, August 24, 2012

Happiness and Depression By Matilda Moyo

Happiness and depression
Lie side by side
Like twins in the womb
Feeding off the same system
Each trying to get the best of the being

Like two sides of a bean
A dichotomy of opposites
Battling for attention
They co-exist
Trying to control feelings
And striving to dominate

One moment
Happiness prevails
Refusing to be put down
Yelping like a puppy
Nibbling at the ankles
And prancing excitedly

Then depression pushes her aside
And takes over
In her overwhelming way
Like a snakebite
Releasing her venom
Through the veins
And clouding the day

How can it be
That two so diverse
Can co-exist
Tugging at each other
Striving for control
Like Jacob and Esau
In Rebecca’s womb?