Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Monthly Dues by Natasha Chebet Mutai

The dark days have come!
When I dread to walk around,
In school I can’t keep up,
Those days make me sick!

The red liquid keeps flowing,
Why can’t I just stop it?
Surging pain in my abdomen,
Every single limb in me aches,
Yet I have to work and read!

Mama struggles for me,
Leather she borrows for my sake,
I sit on the damp soil till dawn,
Mama pities me, she cries for me,
And I along with her, will relief ever get here?

In school the students mock me,
I’m embarrassed, I’m ashamed,
This is too much - why me?
No tampon for me, no sanitary towel,
Nothing to shield me, to hide my shame! No one to protect me!

My heart aches for that day,
When I can dance through my cycle,
When checking becomes a vocabulary,
When the period of shame becomes the period of pride,

When my heart falls in line with natures phenomena!!!!!!