Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Alone By DJ Tyrer

I sit alone
In a room filled with people
I cry alone
Amongst the hubbub and bustle
The Clown wipes a painted tear
From his eye
The clown lives solely to entertain
Watch him die
Death mocks him with his fixed smile
A crocodile grin
Death challenges the Clown to cards
Knowing he’ll win
The pale mask slips from his face
It reveals Truth
A child questions it all
Slay the youth
But I do not dare to do so
Nor does the Clown care to do so
One by one, they all file out
From the room, they all file out
Leaving me to sit alone
Leaving me to cry alone
A witness to something more than myself
Too preoccupied to see beyond myself
I sit alone
In a cold and empty room
I cry alone
Sitting, waiting for my final doom.