Monday, September 30, 2013

Shine By Thobekile Mpofu

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Shine, oh shine lady of sober origins,
Let them wonder who you are,
Down in the midst of a people so diverse,
Like a rare but beautiful jewel
Against the skin of a classy woman.

Walk with pride down life's journey,
Take every stride like a deity is watching,
Marveling at your beauty oh African woman,
You are the finest flower of Ubuntu
Yes you are!

Dance in the cool summer rain with your bare feet,
Sway your generous hips to the left, to the right, back to the left.
Smile at the setting sun with your milky white teeth.
Let your heart leap with joy as you anticipate
The beginning of a new day, a better day.

Shine; oh shine lady of remarkable aspirations,
Let them know who you are:
A lioness in the jungle: a moon among the stars.
Shine, 'till the haters love it
After all, aren't you a bright morning star?