Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sadaka by Nyary-ann Nyenya

Image ©Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine from the one man show Biro

Red lips, dark eyes, highlighted with darkness and dark shadow
Long red nails, tight tiny skirt
Pale white skin; red fiery hair
Gorgeous face and thousands of freckles no makeup can hide
Her body sways to the rhythm of the music.
Petite body swaying left to right like a palm tree in a storm.

Her feet dance to the rhythm
Different men
Different hands
Different lips
Different scents linger around her
Hold her; embrace her
She laughs giggles and smiles

She sways willingly into their arms
She allows herself to be lured into their domain.
As the light filters in the next morning
It reveals her nakedness
She feels unworthy and disgusted
She feels dirty and flirty

She looks around for the arms that held her tight the night before
Only to see a couple of banknotes
Tears well up in her eyes
But she quickly clenches her fist and holds them back
She won’t allow herself to cry
As she gets closer to her shabby house she can’t help but tremble

She opens the door to her mother’s weary eyes
Her mother’s eyes fill with tears, sadness and hopelessness
So do hers.
This time she allows herself to cry as she soothes her mother’s bald head
Tears overflow as she tries to straighten the wrinkled skin 

Washed out like ashes due to the disease.

Overwhelmed with pain she quickly walks to her room
Looks at the mirror
Puts on a brave face
As she prepares to get ready for her evening job
To raise a few more funds for chemotherapy.
For her precious mother