Wednesday, October 28, 2009

AFTER PARTY by Mgcini Nyoni

After the war on HIV
is finally over
After Sudan
Palestine…have seized to become war zones
After the homeless
have been sheltered
and fed
After there is
total freedom of speech
and expression
After every person
every country
no matter how small and weak
determines it’s own destiny
After the need
for nuclear weapons
is long past
After hills
and mountainsides
seize to harbor terrorists
determined to shed blood and kill
for various bogus causes
After rape
and robbery
are only referred to
in history texts.

© mgcini nyoni 2009

SONNET OF THE HUNGRY by Pentecost Mate

The political program was not right
Poor people pouted, but were pounded hard
And were too hungry to put up a fight
But were brave to lament over their dream marred
Painfully, months witnessed their falling tears
As boarded country buses in town
And almost biting each other’s ears
Much to the delight of one with the crown
Who sat and ate all the pie in the house
While the rest pushed for the crumbs on the floor
Like desperate, but resolute mouse
Gnawing – ready to glow
Coherent cries kept them coming to queues
From Cape to Kadoma to brew their cures

© Pentecost Mathe 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Dam Of Tears That Romeo Built by Mgcini Nyoni

Its him
His girlfriend
from six months ago
who is pregnant
His girlfriend
from two months ago
In his cabin
His phone is off
He missed his date
with his girl
from three months ago.
They are all crying
because the girlfriend
from six months ago
the one who is pregnant
Said something

How black is the blackest black by Crispen Ndlovu

Why is black black?
Why is black associated with death?
Why is black the last journey from earth?
Why should black be the symbol of a curse?
Why should black be deadliest snake?
Are we the blackest black?
How black is black Sunday?
How black is black listed?
How black is black market?
How black is black mamba?
How black is black widow?
How black is black magic?
How black is the black devil ?
How black is the black temple?
How black is the blackest black man?
How white is white snow?
How white is the white white wedding?
How white is the white collar?
How white is the white milk?
How white is the whitest white man?

Are we the black and cursed?
Are we the closest to the devil?
Are we the bearers of the curse of Ham?
Are we the prodigal sons?
Are we the worser half of light?
Are we born for slavery?
Are we born to be misgoverned?
Are we born for dictactorship?
Are we born for violence?
How blackest is the black?

Monday, October 26, 2009



Meditation and disciplining
Combine practical ‘hows’
With thoughtful ‘whys’
As they rapture in excitement
So does the beautiful women

Their beauty does not come
From the outside only
But combine both outside and inside
To make their faces glow and glitter
With beauty even in times of trouble

Commitment and dignity makes them
Enjoy to love and be loved
Gives them hope to face any challenges
Hope to fulfil their dreams and ambitions
As their hearts are peaceful

They have no time for gossip
And eavesdropping
Materialism like most
To the extent of selling their beautiful bodies
But they have time only
To accomplish their mission
As beautiful women.

THE TOWN CRIER by Fortunate Nyahwema


Here arrives the town crier
With interesting tales to tell
News from near and far
Stories true and false
New and old
The menu list is brought to the table
Before meal starts to enable
To be discussed at length
Some spiced up by the strength
Of a pinch of salt
All served to your satisfaction
If you think you can handle the risks
Do come aboard
But get ready for the bills
And stay alert
In case you get stung by the bees
For you can never trust the town crier’s tales.

© Fortunate Nyahwema 2009

CORPORATE RUNS by Tendai Nhema


She wears to attract
Clothes more revealing
Than concealing
Do the talking

And he responds
By waving car keys
And displaying his money
This signals the agreement

Cooperation unlocks the doors
Of their game
And they use what they have
To get what they want
It is survival
They claim
They chose to call
Corporate Runs

© Tendai Nhema 2009


Should I or should I not
Open the doors of my heart
And let him dwell in my soul,
And follow his commands?
Should I accept this person
And let him be the light
When I am in darkness?
Should I let him comfort me
When I am in sorrow?
Should I let him
Pave the way for me to a brighter future?

Or should I close
The doors of my heart
And him knock until he gives up
Should I ignore him
And follow the route of the devil
And be led to hell?
Should I or should I not?

© Tendai Nhema 2009

THE LAST DAY by Angel Dube

He across the street
up and down
he went roaming
the death streets
He never saw it coming

LOVE by Tecla Moyo

Times I begin to wonder
And the feeling within grows fonder
But noone has tried to conquer
What lies beneath this border

As It grows, it stands for itsself
No need for any shoulder
Without it I aint bolder
But it taught me to be a soldier

Some came, some come
Some still enjoying the doll-drums of the see-saw
Some left with words unspoken
Still feeling the beat of love inside
For one has no life wothout hope
Coz has sunk in the world of no love.

TROUBLED by Aleck Kitumesti


How could this be?
Am I the only one?
Or I am the only sinner on the face of the earth
Why do things take this path?
Or is it the only path

I regret the day
I regret the minute I opened my mouth
to ask her out
After giving her everything
she does nothing
But spit on my face
After giving her attention she does everything
to break my beloved heart

After years of service
A letter of dismissal is what I get
Nothing to my name
It’s just me and my belongings in a box

No matter how much I try
trouble always finds its way to me
After sowing a thousand seeds
In deep trouble I am
Where under the sun
am I going to get money for my next meal.

© Alec Noko Kitumetsi