Wednesday, May 18, 2011

On Love's Wings by Vuyiswa Nofemele

I wish I could fly...
to you and sing with you while we...
swim in romantic repose
Without a worry in the world
where no one sees
or hears destruction.
Unpolluted love that sweeps
away the pain
soothes pained hearts
sweeps away worry
to cast it into abyss
My mouth reaches for yours
to suck in the honey
of your...
sweet oral cavity
as we engage in privacy
that  only two souls
know how..
Not letting anything
or anyone  
come between us
as our inner souls
and essence connect    
passion rising to a crescendo. Love...
runs deep and allows us to connect...
planting deep roots. Roots of love,
commitment and absolute loyalty.
As I whisper, ""please be mine forever""
you say ""yes""