Saturday, May 4, 2013

When You Go by Artwell Masuku

Slam the door
Behind you
So I'll be sure
You've left me
Lying here in the barely dawn-lit room
To meet my maker

I want to see
Your shadow passing by my window
As you leave me to my demise
Please don't step lightly
But stomp
Over the threshold
When you leave

Marching is not an angry sound
Just the certain noise of going
I want to hear when you leave
Please ....please understand
I'll never push you out

When you leave
I'll try not to hold you in
But I can't promise
When you're gone for good
That I won't clutch the air
Where you once stood
And pray for forgiveness

I'll be desperately seeking
The punchline
Beating my chest
Angry that I can't control
Your going
Loudly or softly
But I will be glad
If you leave with a shout!
Out that hard
Painful door
And please remember
To wake the neighbours
When you leave.