Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How black is the blackest black by Crispen Ndlovu

Why is black black?
Why is black associated with death?
Why is black the last journey from earth?
Why should black be the symbol of a curse?
Why should black be deadliest snake?
Are we the blackest black?
How black is black Sunday?
How black is black listed?
How black is black market?
How black is black mamba?
How black is black widow?
How black is black magic?
How black is the black devil ?
How black is the black temple?
How black is the blackest black man?
How white is white snow?
How white is the white white wedding?
How white is the white collar?
How white is the white milk?
How white is the whitest white man?

Are we the black and cursed?
Are we the closest to the devil?
Are we the bearers of the curse of Ham?
Are we the prodigal sons?
Are we the worser half of light?
Are we born for slavery?
Are we born to be misgoverned?
Are we born for dictactorship?
Are we born for violence?
How blackest is the black?

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Anonymous said...

it is an interesting piece that takes the form of an inquiry to the meaning of black.what interests the most is style of asking questions,in essence allowing the reader to reflect and ponder .but don't you think adding a few commas would in slowing the tempo of the poem