Monday, November 9, 2009

I Can Forget About You by Pentecost Mate

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Inspired by Lloyd Rodson’s ME LIPS KAARN GETA STIFFY

I can forget about you if you get rid of your booty butt
your oversize night shift night duty butt
your bouncy butt
your bubbly butt
your busy butt your nightclubbing butt
your swinging swimming butt
your butty butt swishing
your blue-nickered butt
your houseboat butt
your badge bodice butt
your boastful butt in a
let’s - sit butt and screw butt moment
let’s bump and bump till we….
till the butt…till it…
your butt on my pillow butt
your manager’s special butt
your unity government butt
your batty butt buttered with buttercup margarine
your let’s meet in town butt when? Tomorrow
your South African Rand versus the US$
your real butt; your spacious – overdose butt
your stupid idiot butt silly selfless selfish butt
your umh! Ah! Butt
your teacher pupil butt sitting writing on the chalkboard
your butt on your sofa watching TV
your newsful butt of Botswana dancing bold butts
your Bollywood naked butt. Your Swati reed dance butt
your boiling on a paraffin stove butt because there
is no electricity in town
your bathroom sexy, sensuous, silk
silver-screen, silhouetted, silicon butt
your movie of the week
sister hood sister-in-law singing butt
your single parent, divorced butt
your widowed butt weaned from sex
your sizzling six fold clapping butt

your slanted skyscraper skyline
slapping and shivering and slack butt
butt of a prostitute on night shift
butt of the bed squeaking
butt of sunflower  squeezing squeezed tomato sauce
butt in a teddy drinking tea with another butt
butt whistling and vomiting and wet
like a burst sewer best before March
butt- butt- butt- butt- butt- battery operated
brrrrrr… butt blowing the vuvuzela your
meow butt on heat for the 2010
world cup to earn foreign currency
your civil servants butt, earning peanuts
your police officer on duty butt
your doctors on strike butt
your nurses pulling socks suffering
suffocating the medical butt
your saluting soldier’s butt on
parade teleshpping other butts
A tired teller’s butt in a bank
A praying snow-white butt
A cooking for the priest in church butt
A dripping, nymphomaniac, qualified butt
A railroad crossing butt knocked by a train
With a slimy slippery juice
Surrounding the sniffy sleeveless butt
on graduation day
Your roly-poly butt in a miniskirt
with a wide window sliced and
called a slit, revealing thighs pushing
up and up to the slinky miniskirt butt
Your world view butt on a chamber
Laughing at your bad smelly pungent poo
Your gaping butt chewing an unpeeled banana
Your Shoprite Spar TM hyper
Chicken Licken Main street butt
holding a cigar between each booby trap
Your s’phatheleni at the corner of sixth avenue
changing money at a
black market butt to do
a boob job on your boob tube butt
while the audience with various laughing butts watch; you butts
your cherry-plum chocolate strawberry vanilla butts
                                    yes if you get rid of
                                    that punctuated compound complex butt
                                    that two-fold butt
                                    that speaks in tongues
                                    that says brrrr  in
                                    public and pretends it’s
                                    not a butt that bleats
                                    Your sizzling hot summer butt
Yes, I can forget about your delicious in winter butt
your double bed queen bed padded butt
your curvaceous curtsying bottom
your bulbous bulging bureau de change bum
your goodnight I want to sleep behind you butt
your bureaucratic hipster-exposed butt
your butt for hire with hippopotamus hips
your jingling jelly in G-string butt
Yes, I can if you get rid of your hamburger buttock
by buttoning your button above your butt
and zipping your transparent skirt exposing your
butt -  but your butt is a big name butt
that blows the bikini on the billboard
with the biochemical substances
that lubricate your butt
and enable movement of the butt
and the legs
and the thoughts
then I can forget about you.

© Pentecost Mate 2009


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? Pentola?

sipho said...

its quite interesting how one can play around with one simple word and come up with a masterpiece of everyone ' choice it compels me to keep on reading. Keep it up bru