Thursday, August 11, 2011

When I Lose My Head by Gracian W. Masiyiwa

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When I lose my head
I just walk a few steps, and
 don’t choose where I fall
or who picks me up
When I lose my head
I also lose my ears
It’s like singing to entertain
the depressed
I won’t hear you
When my head falls
I also lose my eyes
And can’t separate diamonds
from sand
Closed eyes are eyes lost
Only see the darkness
that’s Inside the head
When I lose my head
Be very careful, stand afar
For I lose my mouth too
That corrosive verbal acid
starts to escape
And wantonly spoils
Friend or foe
When I lose my head
Please I am not a loser
Just need picking up
When you gather and join me
Take heed not to leave joints
Do it under closed doors
If I can now twist my neck,
Without groaning
You may then leave

1 comment:

Fungai Machirori said...

This is very powerful and honest. I like the bit when you say you lose your eyes and cannot differentiate diamonds from sand. Beautiful imagery. Thank you for sharing!